The Artist


S O N I A  S A V A G E

Bursting out of her Kapiti Studio, Sonia’s lush textural oils transcend her subject matter to bring the viewer to states of joy and elation. Hanging on the walls of national and international collections, council chambers and the houses of parliament her award winning work is highly sought after.

Sonia’s art has changed and evolved with her life, now a mother of 2, her recent work reflects connections to motherhood and nature. Sonia’s visual vocabulary is often layered with female icons, cultural and geographical symbolism and elements of narrative & myth. Sometimes playful with an almost cartoon / pop art feel, sometimes more mystical with overlapping and juxtaposing meanings. Always with a keen eye for composition and a flare for color use.

When asked where she gets her ideas from Sonia says that she paints intuitively, letting ideas flow from her subconscious to the canvas rather than predetermined or drawn out in detail. Painting in this way she not only reflects her life but connects with many New Zealand woman and mothers, delving into our collective sub consciousness.

A descendant of world-renowned artist Cedric Savage and grand-daughter of Kapiti Coast based artist BrianTrask. After A Flamboyant but brief career in hairdressing, Sonia found her true calling in art. An Honours Diploma from a haunted art school later, she dived in to her mission to infuse joy and happiness into people's lives through her creations.


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